Steeped in rich history and surrounded by enchanting landscapes, the picturesque town of Sutton in the Eastern Townships of Quebec is popular for its ski resorts and serene nature trails. However, beyond the well-trodden paths, a treasure trove of hidden gems offers a taste of something different for visitors seeking a unique experience. Venture off the beaten track and explore the charming boutique wineries, craft breweries, and a vibrant local art scene as you delve into the authentic and captivating charm of Sutton.

Sutton provides the perfect backdrop for a delightful exploration of the town’s finest local establishments, allowing visitors to indulge in exceptional wines, refreshing craft beers, and inspiring creativity. From exceptional vineyards nestled between rolling hills to innovative breweries producing unique and flavourful beers, you’ll find a wealth of novel experiences in these hidden gems. In addition, immerse yourself in the town’s thriving local art community, where artists showcase their passion and talent through inspiring galleries, workshops, and events.

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Sample Local Flavours: Boutique Wineries and Vineyards

Experience charming boutique wineries and vineyards in Sutton for a unique and exquisite wine tasting experience:

1. Domaine Bresee Vineyards: Nestled between lush hills in the heart of Sutton, Domaine Bresee provides a delightful wine tasting experience with its exceptional and award-winning wines. Enjoy the vineyard’s picturesque scenery while discovering the unique blends crafted from carefully nurtured grape varieties.

2. Vignoble de la Bauge: Boasting over 20 years of wine-making history, Vignoble de la Bauge offers a diverse selection of high-quality, locally produced wines. Explore the vineyard’s captivating landscape while savouring a selection of red, white, rosé, and ice wines created from grape varieties specially adapted to the region’s climate.

3. Domaine du Ridge: Discover the distinctive European-style wines produced at Domaine du Ridge, which prides itself on its sustainable cultivation practices. With a particular emphasis on creating superb, expressive wines, the vineyard’s selection is sure to delight any wine enthusiast’s palate.

Cheers to Local Craftsmanship: Sutton’s Craft Breweries

Explore Sutton’s vibrant craft beer scene by visiting these welcoming and innovative local breweries:

1. À L’Abordage Microbrasserie: Located in the heart of Sutton, this charming microbrewery offers a welcoming atmosphere for beer lovers. Sample À L’Abordage’s selection of artisanal beers, crafted with utmost care and passion for flavour, while enjoying a warm ambiance and engaging in conversation with friendly locals.

2. Brasserie Dunham: Dunham, just a short drive from Sutton, is home to Brasserie Dunham, a celebrated craft brewery with an array of unique, flavourful, and innovative beers. From their signature saisons to their tantalizing stouts, visitors will appreciate the creative twists put into each brew while enjoying the cozy atmosphere.

3. Brasserie le Grimoire: Found in nearby Granby, Brasserie le Grimoire offers an inviting atmosphere for beer enthusiasts to enjoy handcrafted, delectable brews. With a wide selection available, including seasonal and limited editions, visitors can delight in discovering new flavours and forming new connections in this friendly brewery.

Discover Local Talent: Artists, Galleries, and Workshops

Sutton and its surroundings showcase a wealth of local talent, evident through the many artists, galleries, and workshops that await exploration:

1. Arts Sutton Gallery: Offering a dynamic artistic program throughout the year, Arts Sutton Gallery features both visual art exhibitions and workshops. Discover the creativity of talented artists from the region and beyond in an inspiring and engaging space.

2. Atelier-galerie Alain Pilon: Located in the heart of Sutton, Alain Pilon’s atelier-gallery displays the works of the renowned artist, known for his captivating, modern landscapes. Take the time to explore the creative space while being absorbed by the vibrant colours and unique atmosphere of the artwork.

3. Atelier Louve Design: Visit the enchanting studio of hat and accessory designer Marie-Claude Grégoire. Atelier Louve Design offers unique art workshops in addition to exhibiting her exquisitely handcrafted creations. Engage in the artistic process, learn new skills, and bring home a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art.

Stay, Relax, and Explore: Unique Sutton Accommodations

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1. Elegant and Modern Condos: If you seek an urban experience combined with close proximity to hidden gems, choose a contemporary condo that offers convenience and style.

2. Charming Country Cottages: To fully experience the charismatic beauty of Sutton, consider staying in a quaint country cottage that offers tranquility, peace, and a cozy atmosphere.

3. Secluded Nature Cabins: Immerse yourself in nature with a secluded cabin, where you can enjoy breathtaking views, reconnect with your surroundings, and unwind after a day of exploration.

A World of Discovery Awaits in Sutton

The hidden gems of Sutton invite you to a memorable and enchanting adventure, filled with boutique wineries, craft breweries, and vibrant local art. Experience the captivating charm of this quaint town and delve into its diverse selection of unique establishments. Sutton is the ideal destination for those seeking new experiences beyond the traditional tourist attractions.

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