Vacation rentals have grown in popularity in recent years. Because of recent technological advancements, anyone with a spare room and Internet access can now participate in this sector. As a result, the vacation rental business’s precipitous rise is a source of anxiety for hotels, which have dominated the tourism hospitality industry for more than a century.

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Hotels will be unable to reclaim market share through marketing due to the equal playing field created by peer-to-peer listing services. Hotels are now in a worse situation than they were previously since the prices of vacation apartments are comparable to or cheaper than those of hotels.

Indeed, vacation rentals are continuing to outperform hotels as a type of visitor lodging. Perhaps this is due to a number of advantages that benefit groups of friends and families like yours. Read on to discover why your family should book a vacation rental over a hotel.

A Vacation Rental Has a Kitchen

The vacation apartment in the foreign location of your choice gives the same comforts as your normal dwelling because it is a flat rather than a house. One reason guests value having access to a kitchen is the ability to prepare their own lunches and dinners rather than having to eat out every day. This option not only saves you money, but it also ensures that your children eat the meal you prepare for them, saving them the hassle of navigating foreign cuisine or components.

A Vacation Rental Can Accommodate a Larger Group

Multiple buddies sharing the same hotel room at the same time is exceedingly unusual. Because you are often obliged to remain in separate rooms or even floors, your intimacy, independence, and pleasure are all hampered. If the party rents a holiday apartment, they will be able to eat together, relax in the living room, and benefit from improved privacy and comfort.

A Vacation Rental Offers Schedule Flexibility 

With a vacation rental, you and your family do not need to follow the schedules supplied by the hotel. For example, you are compelled to have breakfast at a set time, which limits your independence during the day. 

On the other hand, your vacation rental is only available during your specified times and activities. You have control over when you get up, eat, and sleep.

A Vacation Rental Provides Dedicated Customer Service

The procedure for renting out vacation apartments is simple and reliable. You will be greeted by agency employees, given the keys to your apartment, and given a tour of the neighbourhood and property. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the agency’s support team at any time.

Family vacation rental WeChalet
WeChalet offers an amazing family vacation rental portfolio.


Hotels’ revenue will fall as the vacation rental industry matures and gains market share. Now, agencies and property managers can compete with hotel room service and housekeeping by providing their clients with concierge and cleaning services. As a result, you must have entire faith in the attributes of your chosen vacation rental that distinguish it from a regular hotel room. This way, as you and your family book rental homes for vacations, you can meet your needs and requirements!

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