Whether you’re on holiday from school or taking a well-deserved break from your hectic work schedule, you’d know that summer is one of the most anticipated times. The longer days and rising temperatures are the best times to indulge in your favourite refreshments and ice cream. It’s also one of the most fantastic opportunities to disconnect from your devices and explore the wonders of the outdoors. 

What Are 7 Must-Do Summer Activities in the Laurentians?

Besides finding and booking a high-quality chalet for rent, one of the best ways to maximise the warm weather is to visit the Laurentians. This Canadian mountain range is best known for its breathtaking landscapes and natural resources. It’s also home to various fun activities. 

If you want to create cherished memories with relatives or friends, this article will enumerate seven must-do summer activities in the Laurentians.  

1. Hiking 

Whether you like a brisk or serene walk or a concealed or designated route, one of the easiest and most pleasurable ways to obtain a sense of well-being is to hike the meandering paths of the Laurentians. 

It has numerous locations to stroll, with parks, land holdings, and open-air centres providing kilometres of routes for hikers of all abilities. You’ll also marvel at the magnificent vistas and the wealth of plants and animals as you go. Moreover, don’t forget to greet the active birds and tiny creatures that may cross your path. 

2. Canoe-Camping Excursion

Enjoy the area’s stunning scenery and live life at a leisurely pace by returning to the basics. Although the Laurentians have numerous lakes to relax in, we recommend looking for a chalet for rent and exploring the Mont-Tremblant National Park. 

You can also appreciate the park’s beauty by selecting from Lac Rossi, Rivière du Diable, or Lac Savane, which provide ideal locations for camping in the wilderness and gazing at the stars.

3. Bicycle Touring 

Take a thrilling bike ride on the Linear Park Le P’tit Train du Nord, a 234-kilometre pathway that follows an old railway line from Bois-des-Fillion to Mont-Laurier. Along the way, you’ll encounter stunning natural scenery, cultural landmarks, and quaint towns with art galleries, restaurants, and other cultural activities. 

You can also explore the 58-kilometre Aerobic Corridor Park from Morin-Heights to Amherst, cycling through beautiful agricultural, wooded, and riverside landscapes and visiting charming villages.

4. Crafts and Visual Arts 

Sometimes you can only appreciate the Laurentians by experiencing its beauty from an artist’s perspective. It lets you meet local artists in their studios, attend art symposiums, exhibitions, and festivals, and purchase unique pieces. You can also visit Val-David, which has a lineup of local artisans in the village centre all summer. 

5. Hebertism and Exciting Activities

You can challenge yourself and burn off energy by trying agility and balance games, tree-top adventure courses, and zip lines at various sites. Examples include Acro-Nature aerial park in Morin Heights and Ziptrek Ecotours in Tremblant, which offers the most extended zip lines, over one kilometre long.

6. Aquatic and Nautical Pleasures

The Laurentians offer many water activities during the summer, such as theme parks and natural beaches. You can also try popular water activities like canoeing, kayaking, and pedal boating. Moreover, bring your equipment or rent some hourly or half-day. 

7. Good Food and Gourmet Getaways 

Whether it’s enjoying lunch on a cozy terrace in a quaint village, having dinner with friends at a local brewery, or experiencing a unique culinary event, you deserve to indulge in delectable experiences that excite your taste buds. The Laurentians is an excellent place to explore local markets and vendors to discover the region’s finest produce for meals or picnics.

What Are 7 Must-Do Summer Activities in the Laurentians?

A Memorable Summer Outdoors

You deserve to reconnect with nature, especially after the lockdowns and a stressful schedule. You can create unforgettable memories with relatives and friends outside by finding a chalet for rent and trying our favourite summer activities. 

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