NoiseAware offers you a unique solution to avoid noise and party issues in your properties, not only on WeChalet, but on all sites where your properties are offered for rent.

I don’t know if you know the story that led me to create WeChalet but I have been managing short term rental properties since 2012.

Over the years, through thousands of reservations, I have acquired great expertise in the management of short-term rental properties, which led me to create WeChalet, with the aim of innovating in the short-term rental property market in nature.

One of the biggest problems with renting properties on all platforms is the risk that your guests have a party on your property without your knowledge or authorization. This could not only damage your reputation with your neighbours, but also increase the risk of damages to your property.

As a property manager, I have faced this situation more than once and I must say that no one likes to deal with noise or party issues on their property.

Fortunately at WeChalet, we haven’t had to deal with big issues like this yet and we want to do everything to help minimize this type of risk for all of our hosts by giving you all the tools you need to avoid this kind of situation.

The best way to avoid the risk of loud noises or parties is prevention.

First of all, know that it is very important to determine the rules of your property in the Reservation Parameters when creating or modifying your listing.

If you have any special rules related to noise, you can also add them in the “Other rules” section.

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Once added, on WeChalet, your house rules will not only be highlighted on your listing but also during the booking process with all your guests.

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Secondly, know that it is also very important to filter your guests well at the reservation stage.

If you have special rules in place on your listing, you can easily recall those rules directly in your booking messages.

For many years, I have been using an introductory message which I can share to help you, as I send this first message to anyone who wants to reserve my properties:

Dear Guest,

Thank you for your message.

The place is indeed available but before making the reservation I would like to know more about you and your group.

For example, what is the age range of your group, the purpose of your trip, your short bio, etc.

I must let you know that we cannot tolerate “parties” or loud noises out of respect for our neighbours and that we are mainly looking for respectful guests who can take care of the place as well as us when we are not there.

If these rules suit you, we can proceed with the reservation.

Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you!


This short message will eliminate 99% of problematic guests at the source. That said, there is always the risk that someone with bad intentions will lie to you and not share with you their true intentions to party on your property.

Discover NoiseAware

NoiseAware is a bit like a smoke detector that detects noise instead of fire.

This technology makes it a bit like listening to your property without having to be physically there.

In fact, NoiseAware is an easy-to-install device that detects when loud noises occur, giving you insight into the sound level of noises in your property, and with tools that will allow you to troubleshoot problems before they degenerate.

Here is a video showing you how it works.

And here’s a video showing you how easy it is to install NoiseAware.

Basically, you take NoiseAware out of the box.

You plug it.

You download the application available on Apple or Google to create your account.

And it’s practically installed, which means you’ll be able to monitor the noise level in your properties remotely in just a few minutes!

As soon as it’s in place, NoiseAware alerts you immediately via text message to any noise issues in your properties, so you can respond quickly with your guests to prevent damage from occurring.

When NoiseAware detects higher sound levels, you will receive a simple automated message, which resolves the majority of issues with your guests without any further action being required.

Knowing that you can prevent incidents and resolve them quickly from a distance will make you and your neighbours happy.

This is what NoiseAware likes to call its “Good Neighbour Guarantee”.

WeChalet offers you a 30% Discount with NoiseAware

For all these reasons, as the founder of WeChalet, I recently contacted the NoiseAware team to see if they could offer us a discount code specifically for all of our hosts.

And luckily, the answer was “yes”!

So you can now order all types of NoiseAware devices at 30% less than the displayed cost.

The code to use is “WECHALET30” when making an online purchase on their site.

You can follow this link or click on the photo below to use the discount code.

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Please note that we do not make any commission by referring you to this service because our goal is to help you reduce the risk of noise in your property, which has a positive effect for everyone, both for you as a host and for WeChalet.


The short-term rental market continues to evolve from year to year.

By detecting excessive noise in your property and alerting you before things get out of hand, a system like NoiseAware gives you peace of mind and ensures that neighbours or law enforcement won’t come knocking on your door during a reservation.

Such a device also protects you against false noise complaints, which, although rare, can occur in some municipalities that object to short-term rentals.

In some cases, a malicious neighbour may attempt to have a guest fined or even revoke their rental license, by filing a complaint for excessive noise… when no such noise has occurred!

In such a case, the NoiseAware data can be used to show that the suspected noise did not occur as stated.

Restful sleep for you and your neighbours are some of the benefits of 100% secure noise measurement technology like NoiseAware.