Quebec City is one of the best places to tick off your travel bucket list, especially if you want to explore the place at any time of the year. 

Here Are 8 Must-Try Outdoor Adventures in Quebec City

Regardless of your adventuring expertise level, this stunning location is home to different opportunities for outdoor fun, such as parks and reserves. You can also go to the hiking trails to explore the picture-perfect landscapes close to the city. 

From strolls in the park to something more daring, this article lists our nine best picks for an unforgettable outdoor adventure in Quebec City. 

1. Île d’Orléans

This island east of Quebec City is best known for its charming agricultural character. In the winter, visitors can enjoy sledding and snowmobiling. On the other hand, tourists can stroll along the walking paths and enjoy the vibrant greenery, colourful farms, and historic buildings during the warmer months. 

2. Jacques-Cartier National Park

If you want to escape city life and enjoy natural beauty, we recommend visiting Jacques-Cartier National Park. It’s a captivating natural reserve on the city’s outskirts. Its vast land gives 100 km (62 miles) of pathways for trekking and 31 km (19 miles) of bike routes and other outdoor activities. 

It stretches for 50 km (31 miles), allowing fishing, kayaking, tubing, and fishing. You can also visit the place in the winter to go skiing. 

3. Lac Beauport

Lac Beauport works best for anyone looking for a tranquil escape. The serene setting offers different outdoor activities, such as sailing and fishing on the lake and skiing and snowboarding. They have boat rentals to let people enjoy the waters. 

We recommend visiting during the winter months to enjoy your skiing experience better. It’s only a 24-km (15-mile) drive from the city centre, making it an easy and enjoyable trip.

4. Marais du Nord

It’s a natural park located northwest of the city with five miles of footpaths and different bird and mammal species. You can explore the park by boat or on foot, and it’s a great way to observe aquatic birds like herons. 

5. Montmorency River

This place offers exciting experiences for all adventurers. Visitors love the falls because they’re larger than Niagara Falls and offer captivating views from the nearby walking trails. You can also explore Lake Montmorency and its many attractions further up the river. 

The river near Boischatel has much to offer, where you can enjoy sightseeing, kayaking, tubing, and golfing. 

6. Parc de la Chute-Montmorency

The Parc de la Chute-Montmorency is a scenic waterfall and park area featuring cable car rides, hiking paths, and thrilling zip lines over the plunge pool. It’s 15 minutes northeast of Old Quebec and boasts a double zip-line setup over 300 m (984 feet) high, offering stunning views of the waterfall.

7. Saint Lawrence River 

This river defines Quebec City’s eastern edge, offering fun activities like stand-up paddling, kayaking, swimming, and ferry riding. 

8. Stoneham Mountain Resort

This renowned ski resort offers day and skiing. It has a large selection of trails suitable for beginner and experienced skiers. We recommend checking in the resort for night skiing because it boasts the most extensive night skiing network in the country, with 19 trails. 

Here Are 8 Must-Try Outdoor Adventures in Quebec City

Enjoying a Grand Day Out

Everybody deserves to unwind and enjoy the Quebec City outdoors after a hectic time. Finding a location that best suits your needs can help create an unforgettable experience. 

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