If you are looking for a memorable weekend getaway, Quebec City has plenty of fun things to do. From exploring the city’s unique architecture to sampling local cuisine to taking in breathtaking views, there is something for everyone in Quebec City. 

Whether a history buff or an outdoor enthusiast, you’re sure to find plenty of activities to aid you in making the most of your weekend in Quebec City. 

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Explore Food 

Quebec’s delectable and culturally diverse food is well known. Everyone will find something great here, and there are several things you must try while you’re here during your vacation rental.

  • Maple Taffy – Enjoy delectable maple taffy prepared with Quebec maple syrup when visiting the province.
  • You may manufacture your own at La Petite Cabane a Sucre de Quebec by dripping maple syrup onto the icy snow and seeing it transform into maple taffy right before your eyes.
  • It would help if you had poutine, a delicious Canadian dish of cheese, fries, and gravy.
  • You must eat crepes when in Quebec; it’s a must-do! Le Bellig was our go-to place for a wonderful selection. Get it! We must emphasize this. Excellent service was provided. Every crepe we had was amazing, and the setting was cozy and welcoming.
  • A tourtière is a meat-filled pie. Although it was on the menu at many different establishments and is a staple in Quebec, we didn’t eat any when we were there.
  • Le’ Buffet De L’Antiquaire would have been our go-to place for many breakfast meals if we had remained longer. Think about finding a charming, convenient French diner that offers all your favorite foods.
  • Ciel! Bistro-Bar – This is the place to go if you want to eat while taking in a view. We were unable to eat there. Therefore, we cannot personally attest to the caliber of the food. However, considering that it is located on the 28th floor of the Hotel Le Concorde, it is clear from the location that you will enjoy panoramic views of the city when dining there.
  • Épicerie J.A. Moisan is the oldest grocery store in North America and offers a delicious selection of regional and foreign specialties. What more is there to ask for?

Visit Museums 

Since history and culture are all around Quebec City, there are a ton of museums to pick from, many of which are easily accessible.

  • Modern and historic artworks can be found in the four-pavilioned Quebec National Museum of Fine Arts.
  • Take a guided tour or visit the museum housed inside the Citadel of Quebec to learn more about Quebec City’s history, notably its military past. The oldest military facility in Canada is located on this land, which also provides stunning views of the city and other important historical structures vital to its past.
  • Musee du Fort, despite being a modest museum, aids in connecting the conflicts and history of the city’s establishment. 
  • Erico, put aside the city’s history for a moment and focus on something as fascinating and significant as chocolate’s history! Erico’s offers an educational experience and an exquisite sampling of lovingly and imaginatively crafted chocolates.

Go to a Carnival at a Winter Festival

Undoubtedly, Quebec City’s annual Winter Carnival, which takes place in February, is one of the city’s most significant and well-known events. 

Everything is open for exploration, including ice canoeing, ice sculptures, and nightly parades. The excitement and enjoyment of this pre-lenten event in the dead of winter will warm your spirit.

  • An exceptional opportunity to sample some of the most exquisite cuisine prepared by renowned local chefs is provided by the annual Québec Exquis event.
  • Carrefour International de Théâtre–This avant-garde theater festival is held each spring in Quebec City at the Carrefour International de Théâtre. Come take in the performing and cultural arts created by individuals from all around the world.
  • Music lovers should know that the Event d’été de Québec is not just any festival. Now going on is Canada’s biggest music event. The festival will feature well-known bands and musicians and some up-and-coming ones, likely lasting for many days.
  • Athletes and anyone looking to enjoy the outdoors at the pentathlon des neiges. Prepare for this multisport event that will take place in February by gathering your equipment. You can sign up to take on the challenge solo or in groups. As soon as you cross the finish line, you should celebrate!


Quebec City is an ideal destination for a memorable weekend getaway. With its unique blend of French and British cultures, historical sights, and attractions, there is something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities such as sightseeing and exploring the city’s parks and trails or prefer to be indoors and get involved in the city’s vibrant culture through art galleries and museums, there are plenty of fun things to do in Quebec City. 

Quebec City has something for everyone, whether you need a romantic getaway or a family vacation. Have a great time, and enjoy your stay at a Quebec cottage rental!

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