Tremblant, Sutton, and the Laurentians not only captivate with their incredible landscapes and outdoor adventures, but these enchanting regions also boast a rich culinary tapestry, offering a sumptuous array of delectable delights that await French Quebec travellers during their WeChalet stays. From traditional Quebecois cuisine to contemporary gourmet creations, the culinary scene in these regions is diverse, inspiring, and inviting to all who seek the best in gastronomy.

Savour a Feast of Flavours: A Culinary Tour of Tremblant, Sutton, and the Laurentians 

This blog post will guide you on a mouth-watering journey through Tremblant, Sutton, and the Laurentians, highlighting the best culinary experiences amongst their burgeoning food scenes. From cozy comfort food eateries to upscale gourmet dining and enchanting food festivals to enlightening wine tours, there’s a delicious adventure for every visitor to indulge in during their WeChalet getaways.

Our comprehensive culinary guide aims to showcase the enthralling epicurean culture that exists within each region, encouraging your exploration of flavours and forging unforgettable memories during your WeChalet vacation. Have your taste buds ready, as we embark on an exciting gastronomic tour through the vibrant food scenes found in Tremblant, Sutton, and the Laurentians.

Savour the Flavours of Tremblant: A Culinary Haven for All Tastes

Tremblant offers an appetizing array of dining experiences for every food lover, from casual eateries to exquisite fine dining:

1. Traditional Quebecois Cuisine: Discover the comfort of Quebecois culinary heritage at eateries like La Savoie and La Diable Microbrewery, both of which specialize in Quebec favourites with a warm and inviting atmosphere.

2. Gourmet Dining with a View: Relish in breathtaking views and mouth-watering cuisine at exceptional dining establishments like Quintessence and Restaurant Le Cheval de Jade, where you’ll delight in creative, locally-inspired dishes paired with unforgettable vistas.

3. Multicultural Delights: For a pleasing variety, Tremblant’s culinary scene boasts an array of international flavours. From Italian favourites at Coco Pazzo to Japanese sushi at Ô Wok, your palate will never grow weary.

4. Sweet Temptations: Treat your sweet tooth to the heavenly creations of artisan chocolate makers and pastry shops in Tremblant, such as Chocolaterie Rocky Mountain and Petite Bretonne, where you’ll indulge in irresistible, hand-crafted confections.

Gastronomic Gems in Sutton: Infusing Local Ingredients with Creative Flair

Sutton’s culinary prowess lies in its artful use of local ingredients, resulting in a truly memorable dining experience for any gastronome:

1. Farm-to-Table Dining: Unearth the flavours of Sutton with a fresh farm-to-table approach at establishments like À L’Abordage Microbrasserie and Bistro West Brome. Sourcing ingredients from local producers, these delightful eateries celebrate Sutton’s agricultural roots.

2. Wine and Dine: Nestled among lush vineyards, Sutton’s restaurants often combine delectable dining with a sampling of the region’s finest wines. Visit destinations like Domaine Bresee Vineyard and the Bistro at Chapelle Ste-Agnes Vineyard for a remarkable fusion of flavour and local terroir.

3. Comfy Cafés and Bakeries: Discover Sutton’s charming and cozy cafés and bakeries, perfect for a leisurely brunch or an afternoon pick-me-up. Favourites include Café Gourmet Alimentation Sutton and La Rumeur Affamée, each offering an enticing array of pastries, bread, and local brunch specialties.

Taste the Richness of the Laurentians: Seasonal Delights and Savoury Staples

The Laurentians take pride in showcasing their diverse culinary offerings, reflecting the region’s bountiful resources and passionate approach to gastronomy:

1. Vibrant Local Flavours: Indulge in the Laurentians’ artisanal fare, from succulent poutine at Comptoir 19 to traditional Quebecois sugar shack experiences at Érablière Le Chemin du Roy. These establishments pay homage to the rich culinary history of the region.

2. Exquisite Fine Dining: For an elevated dining experience, venture to renowned gourmet destinations like L’Émulsion and Bistro à Champlain, where sophisticated dishes and luxurious atmospheres create an unforgettable gastronomic voyage.

3. Seasonal Food Festivals: Experience the bounty of the Laurentians by attending one of their many food festivals celebrating local ingredients and traditions. Events such as the Festival des Couleurs de Rigaud, the Sainte-Anne-du-Lac Strawberry Festival, and the Saint-Lin–Laurentides Fête du Cochon highlight the region’s culinary riches.

Raise a Glass: Unveiling the Wine, Beer, and Distillery Scene in the Quebec Regions

An exquisite meal is best complemented by an enticing libation. Embrace the diverse range of craft brews, vibrant wines, and artful spirits created in Tremblant, Sutton, and the Laurentians:

1. Winery Tours: Indulge in the robust flavours of Quebec’s wine industry, with guided tours of acclaimed vineyards in Sutton and the Laurentians, such as Vignoble Domaine Bresee and Vignoble Ste-Angelique.

2. Craft Beer Exploration: Raise a toast to the thriving craft beer movement across all regions. Sip on locally-brewed favourites with brewery tours and tastings at Microbrasserie La Diable in Tremblant, Microbrasserie Dieu du Ciel in the Laurentians, and À L’Abordage Microbrasserie in Sutton.

3. Distillery Discoveries: Embark on a spirited adventure by visiting local distilleries, such as Distillerie Tremblant and Distillerie Morandière, where you’ll sample inventive concoctions and learn about the art of spirit production.

Savour a Feast of Flavours: A Culinary Tour of Tremblant, Sutton, and the Laurentians 


Your WeChalet stay in Tremblant, Sutton, and the Laurentians is not complete without a taste of the region’s culinary splendour. As you explore the delectable delights of each destination, allow your senses to guide you through a diverse landscape of flavours, textures, and aromas that embody the essence of Quebec’s enchanting gastronomy.

Ignite your culinary curiosity and create unforgettable memories through expertly crafted dishes, distinctive local wines, and inspiring encounters with the passionate artisans who bring the Quebec dining experience to life. Your stay at a Chalet in Quebec serves as the perfect catalyst for a truly mesmerizing journey through Tremblant, Sutton, and the Laurentians’ culinary wonderlands.