Nestled in the heart of the Laurentians, Mont-Tremblant is a picturesque gem brimming with unique attractions and activities. From world-class skiing to serene nature trails, this enchanting destination is ideal for both adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Catering to a diverse range of interests and skill sets, Mont-Tremblant offers travellers memories that will last a lifetime. With its awe-inspiring landscapes and charming village atmosphere, it is the perfect location for English-speaking and French-speaking travellers to embark on an unforgettable Canadian getaway.

Top Attractions in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec: A Must-Visit Travel Guide

In this guide, our travel experts at WeChalet have carefully curated the top attractions in Mont-Tremblant to ensure that you make the most out of your trip. Whether you are looking for an adrenaline-pumping adventure or a leisurely walk amongst the serene forests, we’ve got you covered.

Located just a short distance away from Quebec’s bustling city life, Mont-Tremblant offers visitors the opportunity to escape the chaos and embrace the tranquillity of nature. With an array of activities tailored to every season, this destination is a favourite for travellers all year round. Capture the enchantment of the area as you explore the charming Tremblant Pedestrian Village, which offers an assortment of quaint boutiques, cozy restaurants, and vibrant nightlife. Experience the thrill of speeding down the slopes at the Mont-Tremblant Ski Resort, or relax and unwind at the luxurious Scandinave Spa.

Festivals and events throughout the year complement the natural allure of this vibrant destination, inviting visitors to indulge in mouth-watering culinary experiences and celebrate the thriving local culture. Mont-Tremblant also makes for an ideal family vacation spot with numerous activities designed to keep children entertained and parents at ease.

Are you ready to discover the magic of Mont-Tremblant? Curate your ultimate travel itinerary with our list of top attractions, and book your dream vacation rental at WeChalet today. Say oui to a memorable experience that will leave you craving more of the marvels that Quebec has to offer!

1. Mont-Tremblant Ski Resort

Mont-Tremblant Ski Resort is the crown jewel of this picturesque destination, offering world-class skiing and snowboarding opportunities for all skill levels. With 102 trails spread across four distinct mountain slopes, adventurers are sure to find the perfect run to match their thrill-seeking spirit. Don’t ski? No worries! Try out the resort’s exhilarating snow tubing park or strap on some snowshoes to explore the serene winter landscapes at a more leisurely pace.

2. Tremblant Pedestrian Village

This charming European-style village located at the base of Mont-Tremblant is not to be missed. Stroll through the cobblestone streets and discover an array of boutique shops, delightful restaurants, and lively bars. In the evenings, the village comes alive with vibrant street performers and live music. Stop by the Casino de Mont-Tremblant, just a short gondola ride away, to test your luck and enjoy a thrilling night out.

3. Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant

Immerse yourself in the art of relaxation at the Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant. This luxurious spot invites guests to unwind and rejuvenate amidst the natural beauty of the Laurentians. Experience the age-old Scandinavian tradition of hydrotherapy as you alternate between hot baths, refreshing cold plunges, and peaceful relaxation areas. Complete your relaxation journey with a soothing massage to restore your body and mind.

4. Parc National du Mont-Tremblant

Discover the wonder of Quebec’s largest provincial park, Parc National du Mont-Tremblant. Spanning over 1,500 square kilometres, this vast expanse offers a variety of outdoor activities to suit any adventurer’s desires. From hiking through serene forest trails to paddling down tranquil lakes or trying out fat biking on snow-covered paths, the park provides endless opportunities for nature enthusiasts to explore.

5. Mont-Tremblant Activity Centre

Located in the heart of the Pedestrian Village, the Mont-Tremblant Activity Centre is your one-stop shop for planning your outdoor adventures. The knowledgeable staff will guide you through a vast array of activities, including snowmobiling, dog sledding, ziplining, and horseback riding. No matter the season, the Activity Centre is sure to help you create an adventure-filled itinerary.

6. Domaine Saint-Bernard

This 1,200-hectare ecotourism park is home to an extensive network of cross-country ski and snowshoe trails, ideal for exploring the stunning winter landscapes. The park also offers the unique opportunity to go stargazing at the Velan Astronomy Pavilion, where you can get up close to the night sky using high-powered telescopes.

7. Aventures Parc Mont-Tremblant

Climb to new heights at Aventures Parc Mont-Tremblant, an aerial adventure park offering an adrenaline-pumping treetop obstacle course. With six circuits of varying difficulty, there is something to suit all ages and fitness levels. If obstacle courses aren’t your thing, take on the park’s dual zipline for a thrilling ride through the treetops.

8. Le Diable and Le Géant Golf Courses

Treat yourself to a round of golf at one of Mont-Tremblant’s two championship courses, Le Diable or Le Géant. These challenging courses offer both breathtaking views and a dynamic golf experience that will test your skills and strategy.

9. Cabriolet Lift

Experience a unique bird’s-eye view of the Tremblant village and breathtaking vistas as you ride the Cabriolet Lift, an open-air gondola connecting the lower and upper parts of the resort. This scenic lift ride is perfect for admiring the stunning landscapes and taking memorable photographs.

10. Local Festivals and Events

Throughout the year, Mont-Tremblant hosts a variety of festivals and events, ranging from music festivals to sports competitions and culinary events. Be sure to check the local events calendar during your visit to partake in the vibrant culture and festivities that truly make Mont-Tremblant a one-of-a-kind destination.

Top Attractions in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec: A Must-Visit Travel Guide


Mont-Tremblant’s enchanting landscapes, thrilling activities, and charming atmosphere make it the perfect destination for your next Canadian getaway. From exhilarating ski slopes to relaxing spa retreats, Mont-Tremblant has it all. 

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