Many families spend their summer vacations in lakeside cottages or adjacent cabins. A great family vacation can be made feasible by renting a cottage replete with all of the necessary and desirable frills and amenities.

Familles Québécoise Recherchent dans une Location de Chalet
There are Several Things that Canadian Families Look for in a Vacation Cottage Rental

Knowing what facilities and features tenants want will help you to upload the required information to your listing and make any necessary changes if you own a holiday property and want to generate extra revenue. Otherwise, it would be difficult to earn extra money if you do not know what services and features tenants want. 

A property with all, or at least the majority, of the following attributes will rent out its rooms more quickly and at a higher per-night rate. Read on to discover what Canadian families look for in a vacation cottage rental.

1- A Touch of Modern Elegance

WeChalet users in Canada are booking out-of-the-way cottages, chalets, and cabins that have been upgraded with modern conveniences like Internet access and air conditioning. Plaid and checkered fabrics, wood finishes, and stone fireplaces all help to create a warm and appealing environment in rural retreats. The addition of sympathetic décor and appropriate seasonal accessories can boost the appeal of your rental property.

2- An Excellent Location

Customers choose holiday apartments that are close to grocery stores and restaurants. Include details on your proximity to supermarkets, shops, and restaurants. You would want to add an estimate of how long it takes to get to the cottage from major cities if it is close to a major highway or through route and thus easily accessible.

3- A Space That Can Accommodate Large Groups

Vacation homes that are appropriate for families provide more privacy and space than hotels and resorts. Bunk beds, multiple parking spaces, and a choice of parking possibilities are among the enticing features, in addition to separate bedrooms and bathrooms.

When it comes to hosting large groups and extended families, having a well-equipped kitchen and a large dining space are both excellent options. If your home has adequate space for 10 people to dine, make sure there are enough dining chairs and a large table.

4- Nearby Tourist Attractions

During the winter, Canadians hunt for locations to rent ski equipment. Include in your WeChalet listing any local attractions that are open seasonally or year-round. Is your cottage close to a historical site or a provincial park? Are there beautiful walking routes and a public skating rink within walking distance of each other? Make a note of all of these on your property listing.

5- Available Amenities for All Seasons

Outdoor fires and hot tubs are typical winter rental amenities. During the summer, they may prefer lakeside properties, outdoor barbeques, or private pools. If you add additional criteria to your listing, it will be easier to find. Using filters on WeChalet, you may attract the type of renters you want, and one way to do so is to showcase luxuries like a hot tub or a king-sized bed.

Familles Québécoise Recherchent dans une Location de Chalet
Familles Québécoise Recherchent dans une Location de Chalet


Nowadays, families look for an all-in-one deal when it comes to renting vacation homes. They simply want their friends and loved ones to have an accessible and comfortable space with the right features. If your property is the right fit, your listing could earn a lot of money throughout the year.

Are you looking for a vacation rental in Quebec or in Canada? WeChalet offers simple yet sophisticated technology-driven services that can help you find the right vacation home whenever you need it. Browse through our page today!